The Arabic School is divided into Four Classes:

1- Ages 4-5 taught by Rana lmseh & Amani Asfour
2- Ages 6-7-8 taught by Lina Wakil & Suhad Tadros 3-
Ages 9-10 taught by May Kort & Dima Swaidan
4- Ages 11+ taught by Nahla Chalhoub & Rania Nunu

Assistant Instructors:
Nicola Matta , Neisreen Rabadi, Mary Matta, Bishoy Matta, Issa Chaghouri, Maya l<abash,Samar Halteh, Samar Afnan, Lilian Ziadeh, Dalia lara,Yara Roumieh, George Tarazi.

The Arabic School meets from 12:30 – 1:30 pm every Sunday after Church School. The year began in the first week of October and will end in the last week of March, with 20 sessions overall.

The Director is on her 6th year leading the School and excited about the strides and improvements that were made this year. This year we improved our Arabic school by creating and providing 2 updated books for each student. Students are taught how to read and write in Arabic. By the end of the 20 classes, moststudents can read and write the alphabet and write 3-4 letter words. The oldest class also studies Arabic grammar.

Every class is begun and concluded with the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic. Teaching our children to pray in Arabic is our most important aspect of of our class time. We also attempt to teach Orthodox Christian morals and attitudes used in our daily life, such as how to eat, how to drink, and how to speak to older people in a respectful way. In addition, we take a part in the Nativity Play by presenting a Christmas song entitled Dawi Bilyali Saeedeh. Students are given snacks and Juice every Sunday. They are encouraged to earn stars on their files, which will result in a Pizza Party at the end of the year and gifts. The $ 40 fee is given to the church. There are no expenses other than the Pizza Party and gifts for teachers.

We make copies each week from the most up-to-date Arabic books and web sites, which improves our work. There are plans for starting to use computers to aid in the learning process. Arabic songs are also used to teach the Alphabet andnumbers in a fun and interesting way. We are very grateful for the support of Father George and Father Jim.