Gospel Reflection for Sunday December 22, 2019

Sunday before the nativity of Christ (The Genealogy)

In this gospel lesson of St. Matthew 1:1-25 which is the gospel of the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The meaning of Jesus is, “Oh Lord Save” making reference to Jesus as Lord or Savior. The meaning of Christ is “the anointed one and the Messiah who is filled with the Spirit. Keep in mind when this gospel lesson is read, it makes reference to Jesus’s human nature. Meaning he was a man as a Jew and reveals the lineage of Abraham who is the father of all the Jews. Also, in this lesson or the book of genealogy, it affirms the past of God’s pick and preparing for Christ’s coming. The exclusive names of Jesus forbearers or forefathers is placed in three categories which is fourteen bearings, that narrows down to David or King David that identifies the kingship of Christ also identifying Jesus’s Davidic relation. We hear of Joseph wanting to put Mary away secretly because she is with child (Jesus) before they were married. Under Mosaic law (as in Mary and Joseph), when you’re engaged, it also means the understanding as if you were married. The gospel lesson continues about Joseph’s concern about Mary being with child, but the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and tells him “Mary is with Child because of the Holy Spirit.” Thus, the Theotokos (or birth giver to God) maintains her virginity as the “Ever Virgin Mary.”



How many of us remember when we were children, and did a family tree? Whether discussing about it in school or displaying a family tree and putting one up on paper in your home. In today’s world, you hear people going online (such as ancestry.com) to find the lineage of their ancestors. In the days of yore (or as in Jesus’s time of course) they did not have computers to find their ancestors or where they came from except what was written in the Old and New Testament. The important point here in this gospel lesson is, Jesus’s second nature (human) is affirmed by a long lineage of human beings. Believe it or not, there are some Christian religions (monophysites) that still to this day believe that Jesus was only divine and not human. We can only tell them “keep reading Matthew 1: 1-25” (proof of evidence so to speak) and pray for them to believe in Christ’s second nature. Referring back to the beginning of this reflection about family trees, and ancestors. In St. Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, I pointed out that Jesus was a man as a Jew. Think about it this way, we the Christian people who accept Jesus Christ as both divine and human are the new Israel (the new Christian people of Jesus Christ). So, if you are frustrated when you go on ancestry.com and cannot find your ancestors, good news, don’t be frustrated! Read Matthew 1:1-25 and your frustrations will be over, because we are the new Jewish people and we came from the very same lineage of Abraham and David.