Dear Families,

Each year our Church helps to recognize our children’s graduates, buy publishing a Recognition Book along with Father George, Father Jim and all clergy personally recognizing the graduates during a ceremony in the Church. This year due to COVID-19, the Church celebration cannot take place but we want to continue with the history and tradition of publishing the Recognition Book.

This year our Church, among many organizations, has financial obligations that they are trying to meet. While the Church has never asked for anything in return when each family receives this professionally done Recognition Book, let us all join together and help our Church by donating toward the publishing of the 2020 Recognition Book.

We have come to love the Recognition Book of all graduates and enjoy finding out our communities’ children who are graduating, their future career goals and successes. During these tough times everyone is doing their part in helping to say thank you to our Church and all its organizations. These committees work tirelessly for all of our families. Please show your support and appreciation by making a donation. Any amount you are willing to give toward the completion of this project is greatly appreciated.

I am personally reaching out to anyone and everyone who has received the Recognition Book in the past and have enjoyed what this book represents. Please go to our GoFundMe link to donate. You can also go to the church’s website to donate or mail in a check.

Thank you to all for your understanding and contributions.

In the Lords Stewardship,
Elizabeth Ajluni