Update on Masks, Palestine and Social events

In light of the revised CDC guidelines, and in accordance with a directive from Metropolitan Joseph, The Basilica of St. Mary is lifting the face mask requirement for fully vaccinated people in our church. Masks are still recommended but are no longer required. This will be on the honor system. Please respect your fellow parishioners and continue to wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. We will continue to block every other pew to accommodate social distancing. As always, if you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID 19 please stay home. Our services will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook for those who cannot attend church in person. If you have any questions as you enter the church, the Ushers will be able to help you.

Additionally, in light of the CDC recommendations, the Metropolitan has directed churches to resume church school, coffee hour, and social functions at the appropriate time but no later than the beginning of the new ecclesiastical year in September.

As a service to our community, Farmington Drugs has offered the Moderna vaccine to any of our parishioners, ages 16 or older, this Sunday. Please call the drug store at 248-478-3922, from 10-3 on Saturday and ask for Miray Shalhoub to register. At least 10 people must register in order for Farmington Drugs to come to the church on Sunday.

We would like to thank all of our parishioners for their continued cooperation during this difficult time.

In light of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, St. Mary’s parishioners and clergy issue the following press release:

A special meeting was held on Tuesday, May 18th with Senator Gary Peters and community leaders and the following actions were presented to be taken:

1. Support an immediate ceasefire that brings an end to hostilities between Israel and Palestine. Priority number one is to de-escalate and prevent further loss of life.
2. Clearly state U.S. opposition to Israeli policies of displacing Palestinians from East Jerusalem or the West Bank and replacing them with settlers.
3. Publicly acknowledge the rights of Palestinians to also be secure and free.
4. Ensure that U.S. assistance is not used by the Israeli government to further its occupation of Palestinian lands.
5. Review Israeli military operations in Gaza and elsewhere to ensure Leahy Law compliance and that no human rights violations are committed with U.S. funding.
6. Support a credible effort to address the root causes of this conflict aimed at ending Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians.

We are happy to inform you that the money has been set aside to be sent to the Red Cross in Palestine. We are still taking donations if you are willing to donate.

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