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Liturgical Music

Liturgical Music. In the Orthodox Faith, our singing in church is meant to be an Icon of worship.[...]

Services of the Daily Cycle

Services of the Daily Cycle. The services of the Daily Cycle are divided into three groups of thr[...]

The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy has its origins in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, instituted by the Lord Hi[...]

The Five Cycles

The Great Cycle of Life. The life of an Orthodox Christian can be seen as being composed of five [...]

Liturgical Books

The Liturgical books used in Orthodox worship fall into three main groups. The first of these are th[...]

Glossary of Liturgical Terms

Alleluia. (See Prokeimenon.) Antiphons. The first three hymns sung at the Divine Liturgy (P[...]

Fasting Seasons and Days

Paschal Cycle: 1. Meatfast the week before the beginning of Great Lent 2. Great Lent and Holy [...]

Fasting Rules

The fasting rules, found for the most part in the Typikon (mainly Chapters 32 and 33), and repeated [...]


Seeing that bodily disposition is important in worship and spiritual life, in general, great emphasi[...]

Orthodoxy in the World

Constantinople. The Patriarchate of Constantinople again, at least nominally, became independent [...]