Young Adult (20/40 Fellowship)

The Young Adults hosted an event in conjunction with the Village at Home on December 6 entitled, "Life after the Village". This discussion was hosted by Mark Sultani, Angela S. Kadado, and Vicki S. Tarazi at their childhood home and the speaker/discussion leader was Fr. Anthony Yazge, the Director of Antiochian Village Camping Program.

The 20/40 of the Basilica has also continued to be engaged in the ministry to others this past year. Two of our college students-Michael Moussa (Wayne State University) and Mark Sultani (University of Michigan)-along with their friend Katie Warbel (University of Michigan, member of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church­Livonia) ministered to our SOYO by leading one of the SOYO Mystery Outings on a Tuesday night. Katie, Michael, and Mark prepared answers to questions about what it is like to be an Orthodox Christian in college, what particular opportunities and challenges present themselves, and how to navigate and grow in Christ while in college. The three college students arrived at the church (welcomed by Fr. Michael Butler, Priest of Holy Transfiguration), set up the space in the Church, and when the SOYO arrived, we conducted an informal interview discussion about what it is like to be an Orthodox Christian in college. It was a very effective night of ministry-as the SOYO were surprised, enriched, and blessed by what they saw and heard.

We are planning a Road Rally in May of this coming year and we are hosting "A Young Adult Interactive Experience: A Taste of Dearborn" for the 2016 Parish Life Conference which is hosted by our own parish. Additionally, several Young Adults are part of the Mission Team that will travel to Project Mexico this summer. We are looking for new ideas and efforts to assemble us for fellowship and spiritual nourishment. Please contact the Director if you have ideas, what to put an event together, or desire to discuss what you might be able to contribute or introduce!

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