Mother-Toddler Group

The Mother-Toddler Ministry is in its 10th year of growth in the Holy Orthodox Faith and fellowship for Mothers and their children (Infant up to Preschool age). They meet every Wednesday from 10:30am to 12:00pm in the Church and in the Activities Center.
The meeting begins in the Narthex of the Church near the place where we light candles in prayer. We learn how to come to church, how to pray, and how to sing praises to our Lord. Then we go into the church and sing hymns, songs, and spiritual songs on the Solea. After a brief lesson for both the moms and the tots, an announcement about our craft, and venerating the Cross or an Icon, we go downstairs to the Activities Center to do our craft and enjoy snacks or lunch together.

The Mother-Toddler Ministry is a great way to be welcomed into and immersed in our Church Community and to

teach our Orthodox Christian Spirituality to our families. Here are some of the activities we do: Learn how to light a candle as you enter the Church-saying “Jesus is the Light of the World”

  • Learn how to make the Sign of the Cross
  • Say the Lord’s Prayer – English and Arabic
  • Sing Spiritual Songs and Hymns on the Solea with Fr. Jim and Christina
  • Make a Holy Craft that teaches us about our Faith
  • Share a light meal together
  • Holiday potlucks
  • Field Trips to children’s play centers, Cider Mill, etc.
  • Fellowship with other Moms at “Mom’s Night Out” – dinner every other month

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You can be an active member of the Basilica of St. Mary Livonia, we welcome all donations and offer a full list of our ministries, to bring you closer to God.

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