Mission Statement

To offer to all parishioners – infants through senior citizens -a place in which they may come together to receive moral, ethical, and spiritual guidance based on our Orthodox Christian faith, and to provide a foundation for leading a Christ-centered life, in order to spread love, joy, and hope to the larger Detroit Metropolitan area through works of mercy and outreach.


The goal for all parishioners at the Basilica of St. Mary is no different than the goal for leading a strong Orthodox Christian way of life. This goal is realized through providing opportunities for all parishioners to be fully integrated into the total life of the Church by helping them to commit to living their faith through worship, witness, service, and fellowship.


The success of this goal is based upon building a foundation of strong relationships with each other that are rooted in love, honesty, trust, openness, respect, and forgiveness. These six pillars of our Christian faith, when integrated together, work to build up a strong Christian way of life.


With this goal in mind, parishioners have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ministry programs which allow them not only to internalize the six pillars but also to put them into practice.

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