Sacraments of the Church

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Holy Orders

In the Orthodox Church there are to be found three Major Orders-Bishop. Priest and Deacon and two Mi[...]

Holy Repentance

Holy Repentance (Penance Confession). The Sacrament of Repentance developed early in the Church's[...]

Holy Unction

This Sacrament is described in Holy Scripture by St. James the Brother of the Lord: Is any among you[...]

Church Mysteries

The Sacraments of the Orthodox Church, like the Church Herself, can be said to possess a double char[...]

Holy Baptism

First place among the Sacraments of the Orthodox Church is occupied by Holy Baptism, by which a man,[...]

Holy Chrismation

In the Sacrament of Baptism man is called out of spiritual darkness into the light of Christ and is [...]

Holy Communion

The central place among the Sacraments of the Orthodox Church is held by the Holy Eucharist the prec[...]

Holy Matrimony

In the theology of the Orthodox Church man is made in the Image of the Most-holy Trinity, and, excep[...]