Open Letter to President Trump

President Donald Trump The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President,

I greet you and your family including your grandchildren with the same greeting that the angels gave the shepherds during this holy season, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.” (Luke 8:14) Peace on earth is an uncomplicated concept, with an unfortunately complicated means of achievement. Our people, the people of Palestine and the Middle East, have faced homelessness for the last 60 years, but never gave up on their jewel, the city of Jerusalem. They all prayed, as I have, that the holy city of Jerusalem will gather them as t he hen gathers her brood, under the shelter of her wings. Your recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday, December 6 was a nuclear bomb that devastated all hope and aspirations for a t wo-st ate solution and for permanent peace in that troubled land.

Neither Jews, nor Palestinians were happy to hear this news. The only ones who were strengthened were members of the right wing political party of Benjamin Netanyahu. We urge you to rescind those remarks and impose a deadline for a negotiation for a peaceful resolution between Israelis and Palestinians. It is in your power to do so. Furthermore, it is your duty as our representative to t he world to uphold the impartial status of the United States of America as a negot iati ngparty and as an example of freedom, liberty, and democracy in the world. On behalf of everyone in our community, we hope that you will rescind this order. We wish you and your family all the good things t hat the impending birth of Christ will bring to this world.

Father George Shalhoub

Pastor of the Antiochian Basilica of St. Mary

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