Thicken Your Skin

When entering the monastic life, Christian monks are taught a very valuable spiritual lesson. They are taught not to be affected by human praise or insults alike. If people praise us, pride may creep into our hearts leading to vain glory. If people insult us, this may lead us to revenge or despair. People are often not fair in the way they judge because of their lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is best to thicken our skin and not worry about how people view us. Only God knows what exactly is in the hearts. He is just, merciful and He loves us. 

Dear friends, seek to please God. Do good to others not to seek their praise but rather give praise to God who transformed you into a better person. Don’t be affected by insults because God is your ultimate judge. 

You are a child of God Almighty. You are dear and valuable to Him. Nothing should affect your self-value or esteem. Focus on your Heavenly Father and the rest is secondary. Love people because this is your new nature not seeking any secondary gains. Pray for those who insult you that they may repent and come to know God. Be proactive not reactive. Bring people to God.

May God bless you. 

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